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Present Day:

1987 - Present day: With over 4 decades of experience in the industry, our company currently operates as a manufacturer of fine gold jewelry pieces which emphasizes on creating exquisite handmade gold jewelry pieces for international retailers.

Our company currently manufactures and exports to various markets such as the Middle East, Europe, and China.

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South East Asia Jewelry

1966: Following the success of the gemstones business, our family opened our first fine jewelry store, SEA Jewellery Limited, focusing on retailing fine gold jewelry to both international and local customers in the heart of Bangkok back in 1960s, New Road (now known as Charoenkrung).



Ngow Hong Thye Ltd. Part. 

1950: Our journey began when our grandfather had become fascinated by the art of polishing gemstones. He practiced and perfected his skills over the years, polishing precious gemstones such as rubies and sapphires, which attracted interests from both local and international gems traders. Ngow Hong Thye Ltd. Part. was established shortly after and became the first step of our family’s business journey.

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