What are the 4C's

     The 4C's stands for Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight. These are important aspect to consider before deciding to purchase any diamonds or diamonds jewelry for yourself.


     While most of the diamond shapes are round there are various other cuts such as square or heart shapes. The quality of the cuts can be observe by seeing the sparkles and reflections from the flat side of the diamond.


     Diamond colors are ranged from D-Z which are roughly separated into grades as follows:

  • D-F: Colorless

  • G-I: Near Colorless

  • K-M: Very Slight Yellow

  • N-R: Slightly Yellow

  • S-Z: Yellowish

     While Colorless are more desirable, they are also very rare​


     Clarity is best describe as how pure each diamond are. Impurities in diamond might be difficult to spot without tools, but under magnifying equipment, they can be seen. Clarity is graded into one of the 6 categories:

  • FL: Flawless

  • IF: Internally Flawless

  • VVS2/VVS2: Very Very Small Inclusions

  • VS1/VS2: Very Small Inclusions

  • SI1/SI2: Small Inclusions

  • I1/I2/I3: Inclusions

Carat Weight

     Carat is the unit of weight in which diamonds uses. A carat is equal to 0.2 grams.

Reminder: Please consult professionals before purchasing any diamonds as there are imitations of diamonds mixed in the market.

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